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Hand Printed T-shirt, Black Rubber spot/foil silver spot on the sleeve. 

Hand Printed back and front.



In the late ‘70s, Richard Torry attended Middlesex Polytechnic, drawn to London by his love of punk. Whilst he was still studying, Malcolm McLaren spotted Torry on the street and asked him to audition for his new group, Bow Wow Wow. However, he was not chosen to be in the band, though he did ask to meet Vivienne Westwood. Westwood accepted and came to his studio flat in Stoke Newington and subsequently hired him. She became one of the quintessential driving influences in his life and the first icon in his mimetic trinity.


Torry met Derek Jarman on the club scene in London in the early ‘80s, and they became firm friends. In mutual admiration, Jarman helped Torry to find the backing to start his own label, introducing him to a business manager and the label ‘Richard Torry’ came to life. 


 In 1981 to focus on his label, ‘Richard Torry’ and was taken to New York by Susanne Bartsch for her legendary show ‘New London in New York’ alongside the hottest young talents in London. This trip to New York introduced him to Leigh Bowery, who would become a firm friend and collaborator. His label was subsequently backed by Hanae Mori in 1985 and saw Torry dividing his time between London and Tokyo. In 1986 he was one of the original members of The House Of Beauty & Culture. 


This T-shirt celebrates Richards' free spirit and his time during the Soho club scene in the 1980s; bright colours mixed with rubber latex and gold lame bring the elements together of the dancefloor of Soho Club Taboo. 

HH x RICHARD TORRY T_SHIRT ( Black spot /Black Gold )

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