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Rubber Black Print on Premium Black cotton T-shirt.


Beautiful -What is the root word of beautiful? early 14c., bealte, "physical attractiveness," also "goodness, courtesy," from Anglo-French beute, Old French biauté "beauty, seductiveness, beautiful person" (12c., Modern French beauté), earlier beltet, from Vulgar Latin *bellitatem (nominative bellitas) "state of being pleasing to the senses".


Deviant - is someone whose behaviour falls far outside of society's norms; But does deviant mean bad?-

Although the word “deviance” has a negative connotation in everyday language, sociologists recognize that deviance is not necessarily bad (Schoepflin 2011). In fact, from a structural-functionalist perspective, one of the positive contributions of deviance is that it fosters social positive change.


DEVIANT INGREDIENT- translated in music by The B52s 2008 Funplex album


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