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Fat Tony

Fat Tony

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DJ Fat Tony -- real name Tony Marnach -- is a mainstay of London's events party scene, often providing the music (sometimes with help from his friend and occasional DJ partner, Kate Moss) at fashion weeks, celebrity birthday parties (he's played for Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson) and countless club nights.

A  big thank you to Fat Tony for collaborating on this NHS Charity T-shirt, with Happy House. Watch the full interview with Fat Tony by our exclusive Happy House Journalist Cassie Beadle. Where Tony Talks about his love for T-shirts, Music and the NHS. The NHS still needs our help, it doesn't just end with a clap, 100% of the profits from this T-shirt will go towards helping the NHS nurses and staff. They need our continued support for better wages and rights. So don't forget them ... buy this T-shirt to make a difference . THANK YOU

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