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Happy House was launched in March 2020 in response to the first UK lockdown. We are a group of UK artists who live together and like so many other artist communities, have found our world has changed forever. Pushed to communicate digitally, we created a magazine culture platform, where we could communicate with our audience through interviews, artworks, stories and celebrate collaborating with designers/ makers, DJs, musicians, and artists through the lens of the t-shirt—the most democratic garment in the world.


We wanted to use the T-shirt as a platform for our ideas, bringing our love for fashion, music and art together and embracing the concept of slow, sustainable fashion—our print to order. T-shirts are hand-printed and manufactured from recycled t-shirts, printed with 100% sustainable inks and surface applications, like foil and puff inks. We see the t-shirt as a wearable canvas to translate ideas that can resonate across the world. The T-shirt is so much more than a banner for a logo.

Check out our interviews with all our collaborators and the t-shirts and artworks they have designed with Happy House.

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